The Board of F.A.A.

Board of Fundacion Autismo

The original board of the foundation consisted of 5 mothers, all with a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The official act by notary was signed on June 22nd of 2005 by (from left to right):

Mrs. Monique Coenjaerts (board member), Mrs. Dilma Arends-Geerman (secretary), Mrs. Marja Essed-Tromp (treasurer), Mrs. Monique Kuiperi-van Embden (president), Mrs. Rosana Peterson-Quandt (board member), Mrs. LL.M. Yahaira N. Croes-Maduro (candidate notary) and Mr. LL.M. Ralph. Yarzagaray (notary).

In August of 2006 the board got reinforced by Dr. R. Bryson and Dr. K. Veel, two Aruba Rotary Club members. Aruba Rotary Club recognized the need for an organization offering support and information about autism within the Aruban community and decided F.A.A. could do with some extra support. The Rotary Club of Aruba adopted the autism foundation as one of the organizations to which they structurally extend help.

The board underwent some changes during the years and currently consists of:

Mrs. Monique Kuiperi-van Embden, president

Mrs. Marja Essed-Tromp, treasurer

Mrs. Dilma Arends-Geerman, secretary

Mr. dr. Roberto B.  Bryson, board member

Mr. dr. Jacobus M. Veel, board member